TECHFEST 2021 returns with the slogan "Embracing Innovation - Reshaping The Future". In the extremely complicated context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes the already turbulent path of innovative entrepreneurship even more turbulent. "Innovation", meaning changing the way of living, working and interacting, is no longer an option but has become a must. In danger, hardship, and challenge, there is hope, and growth. Challenges become the new driving force for development, especially for innovative startups. More than ever, now is the time to rise up, to "reshaping the future".

Combining offline and online, applying the latest technologies to erase geographical, physical and psychological distances, TECHFEST 2021 series of events is designed with a series of activities of more than 50 conferences and seminars, investment connections, competitions, training by 16 Technology Villages stretching from September to December 2021. Additionally, there are also a number of companion activities such as training, and monthly campaigns to support entrepreneur businesses. etc. TECHFEST 2021 will introduce Vietnam to the world, and draw the world closer to Vietnam, to honor the wisdom and spirit of Vietnam, every step is creating a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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Event Schedule

Event Schedule

08:45 - 11:15

Webinar Starting Technical Business

The Information Security industry is a potential environment for startup development, especially in Vietnam, when the information security needs are being paid much attention by the government and businesses and have a clear development orientation.

So what do experts think about the potential for development in the information security industry in Vietnam?

What difficulties and challenges do startups need to pay attention to?

Any advice for startups oriented to develop in the information security industry?

Webinar STARTING TECHNICAL BUSINESS will be a useful discussion, where units/startups in Vietnam have the opportunity to discuss startup issues in the information security industry with two leading speakers of the information security industry in the country and internationally.

Mr. HD Moore - CEO of Rumble company - Developer of Metasploit Framework - an environment used to test, attack and exploit errors of services, Metasploit Framework is popularly used in the Security world.

Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh (RedDragon) - Deputy General Director in charge of IT at VNG Group - Co.founder VNSECURITY - Member of the first international research team to announce the method of breaking the GSM A5 code within one minute in 2006.

Coordinator: Mr. Truong Duc Luong - CEO of Vietnam Cybersecurity Joint Stock Company VSEC - One of the leading experts with more than 12 years of experience in the IT field in Vietnam.

10:30 - 12:00

Launching Ceremony National Entrpreneurship Day TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021

  • Location : Online


Time: 10:30, Thursday, September 16, 2021.


Broadcast method: On official fanpage and Youtube channel of TECHFEST VIETNAM.


The 7th National Innovative Entrepreneurship Day TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021 officially kicks off with the slogan "Embracing Innovation - Reshaping The Future". The event aims to affirm the role of innovation in responding to challenges, and directs towards the formation of an "open" innovation ecosystem at the national scale which is connected to the world.


This is the largest annual event for Vietnamese innovative start-ups under the direction of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Industry (VCCI).


The event also launched the National Innovative Entrepreneur Contest TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021, which aims to support Vietnamese startups in doing dual task in the new normal situation.


TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021: Embracing Innovation - Reshaping The Future

Website: techfest.vn

Email: info@techfest.vn

Hotline: +84948058823

14:30 - 16:30

Conference Challenges and Difficulties in the Finance - Banking Industry

In the era of rapidly developing technology with a huge amount of data and information, the Finance - Banking industry is one of the pioneering industries in digital transformation to actively adapt to the context of the industrial revolution 4.0. create competitive advantages and sustainable development.

In fact, in Vietnam, digital transformation in the Finance - Banking industry is taking place very actively, "contactless" activities are becoming more popular and gradually becoming a habit in society. In particular, promoting digital transformation has helped financial and banking institutions to maintain stability in the face of complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring smooth transactions and meeting demand for customer diversity.

However, the rapid development of digitization also brings many difficulties and great challenges in ensuring information security for organizations, when the amount of data being pushed into the digital environment is increasing and increasing. value, this becomes a lucrative bait for hackers with extremely sophisticated and modern tricks and technology. The security of data in the financial - banking industry is becoming more important than ever.

Through the seminar, Cybersecurity Technology Village will:

Listen directly to the challenges and difficulties of the Finance - Banking industry.

Information security becomes the driving force to support Finance - Banking digital transformation.

Building and developing the Innovation Community.

Follow-up activities: mentoring, connecting investors,... to support the Innovation Community to turn Ideas into useful technology products.


08:30 - 11:00

Seminar Supply Chain Recovery with Breakthrough Logistics Technology

Logistech Festival 2021 is a series of events organized by the Logistics Technology Village, within the framework of Techfest Vietnam 2021. Don't forget to schedule an appointment to attend the first exciting activity in the program!

Time: September 25, 2021

• 8:30am - 9:00am: Opening ceremony of Logistech Festival 2021

• 9h00 - 11h00: Seminar "Seminar Supply Chain Recovery with Breakthrough Logistics Technology" with national and international logistics experts.

Format: online at Logistech Village Fanpage - Techfest Vietnam

Contact to attend: logistics@techfest.vn


08:30 - 12:00

Conference Challenges in Commercialization of Inventions and Intellectual Property


08h30 – 09h00 Delegate registration
09h00 – 09h05 Statement of reasons, introduction of delegates
09h05 – 09h10 Opening speech
09h10 – 09h15 Welcome speech
09h15 – 09h20 Welcome speech
09h45 – 10h00 Report titled: Overview of commercialization of inventions and intellectual property by specialist Mr. Tran Giang Khue

10h00 – 10h10

Innovating to create a golden history for the country
11h10 – 11h20 Innovation at Hoa Binh Group in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic
11h20 – 11h50 Discussion
11h50 – 12h00 Summary and Closing

09:30 - 11:30

Conference Enterprises in: Culinary Culture Tourism Sediment - Voice of Insiders

Technology Pavillions for Local Agricultures, Foods & Tourism - FLAT organized seminar #1 "Enterprises in: Culinary Culture Tourism Sediment - Voice of Insiders"". The program is a continuation of the Village's series of events, within the framework of TECHFEST 2021.

During the past 2 years, the world economy has suffered extremely heavy blows by the wave of epidemics. People in the industry like us are always puzzled by the questions "What direction is going for the tourism and F&B industry during this difficult time?", "Will we have any transformation steps to be able to fit in?"… Thousands of asked questions need answers. Understanding the "pain" of people in the industry, through the seminar "Enterprises in: Culinary Culture Tourism Sediment - Voice of Insiders", Technology Pavillions for Local Agricultures, Foods & Tourism - FLAT promises to bring sharing and innovative technology solutions to help F&B and tourism businesses with multi-dimensional perspectives in the current context. At the same time, the seminar will take place with networking activities with indigenous resource startup communities, experts and innovation startup networks in agriculture and tourism.

Let's take a look at the factors that will create success for the upcoming conference:

Discover the unique culinary culture on the Central Heritage Road.

Providing innovative technology solutions for tourism and F&B businesses.

Discussion with entrepreneurs: "Entrepreneur in action".

Linking agricultural, tourism, culinary and cultural value chains in the Innovation Startup Ecosystem.

The conference will be held via the online zoom platform and streamed live on the SongHan Incubator Fanpage.


10:00 - 12:00

Conference Mordenizing Payments - What's there for Fintech

Under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the payment technology industry in Vietnam has made great progress when the optimization in the transaction payment process is being promoted. To stay competitive, businesses will need to be equipped with tools and strategies to modernize the payment process smarter. By applying the foundational data architecture, especially the database, it is increasingly proving its powerful and flexible capabilities to help businesses optimize resources and grow quickly.

To assist businesses in analyzing opportunities, potentials and challenges when implementing the payment modernization process, providing solutions and learning from successful case studies. VTI Cloud and MongoDB as Platform & Infra Village (PIV) in collaboration with Dr. Luong Thai Bao, a representative from Fintech Village, organizes Webinar Modernizing Payments: What's there for FinTech?. The program is part of the TECHFEST VIET NAM National Innovative Startup Day series of activities 2021.


Payment Trends in Vietnam - Opportunities and Challenges

Modernizing payment infrastructure - Successful case study

Q&A, live chat with experts

Minigame with a $100 gift from MongoDB

10:00 - 11:30

Launching Ceremony of Talent Search Competition in the field of Fintech

As part of the series of events of Techfest Vietnam, Fintech Village with the theme "Embracing Innovation - Reshaping the Future", the Talent Search Competition in the field of Fintech creates a useful playground, in order to find talents in applying technology operating in the financial sector such as: payment; peer-to-peer lending; personal financial management, corporate finance, AML, Insurtech... (collectively referred to Fintech).
The contest creates opportunities to interact and work directly between project teams with famous advisors, judges, leading experts in the Fintech field, experienced in arousing business enthusiasm, passion for startups in the field of financial technology; helping groups step by step realize business ideas, equipping them with knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship, innovation and operation management for sustainable development of projects, and connect with investment funds in the region and abroad.

20:30 - 22:00

Mentor Talkseries

When it comes to digital transformation, Smart Home and Smart City are indispensable components. Currently, the construction of smart cities has become an inevitable trend of cities around the world. In Vietnam, smart city development is an important way to effectively take advantage of the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and move towards sustainable development. Based on the Government's policy of building smart cities, many localities in Vietnam have embarked on the construction and approval of projects and orientations for smart city development, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, etc. Da Nang, Binh Duong, Hai Phong… Up to now, there are about 30 localities nationwide that have approved and implemented projects and projects on smart city development.

Coming to the topic in the talk series from SmartCity Village & PropTech TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021, you will have the opportunity to meet, listen to the sharing and advice from leading experts in the field:

- Dr. Trinh Cong Duy: Director of SDC – UDN, Senior Advisor of Vicoland Group, Co-Head of SmartCity & PropTech Village.

- Ms. Trinh Tu Anh: Director of Institute of Smart Cities and Management (ISCM) University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Senior Advisor of SmartCity & PropTech Village.

- Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc: Founding member of RealCom, CEO & Founder of Sen Vang Group, Co-Head of SmartCity & PropTech Village.

The Village's talkseries will bring you a lot of useful knowledge, and the beginning of this series of events will have the following main contents:

The approach to building and developing a smart city is suitable for the Vietnamese context.

Mentor's comments and the "smart city reminds people of modern technology" view Some examples of the success/failure of applying technology.

Outstanding technologies and how to apply it to solve urban problems in cities of developing countries like Vietnam.

The technologies that Mentors have been applying in projects and research to develop the smart city.

09:00 - 11:15

Official Launch Social Innovation Festival and Shinhan Square Bridge Vietnam Model

Social Challenge and Innovation Village is hosted by Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) - United Way Vietnam and co-hosted by National Economics University, United Way Worldwide, Happy Women Leader Network, and the participation of other prestigious domestic and foreign partners.


In addition, within the framework of Techfest 2021 Social Challenge and Innovation Village is a platform for technology and innovation startups to collaborate with other stakeholders with the aim of creating value for Vietnamese community. Therefore, the main focus of the Village is to promote and enhance innovation and technology to create inclusive development so that no one is behind. The slogan of the Village is "Live United - Creating trends - Leading changes".

To officially kick off all activities within the framework of Techfest, Social Challenge and Innovation Village is going to organize the Official Launch of Social Innovation Festival and Shinhan S2 (Square) Bridge Vietnam Model - a model that has been effectively applied in Vietnam to promote social innovation start-up ecosystem.  

Language: Vietnamese and English (simultaneous interpretation is available)

Online via Zoom: Meeting ID: 983 4978 2749. Passcode: 050308



20:30 - 21:30

Mentor talk series 05, topic 3: Real estate technology Start-ups - Easy and difficult?

In the context of the real estate and technology industry is developing strongly in recent years in Vietnam. The real estate market also approaches the trend of digital transformation to enhance the ability to operate flexibly to adapt to change. Real estate technology is becoming a trend to develop and attract a lot of investment capital and it is also a great opportunity for businesses to develop in parallel with the birth of technology real estate startups. So what challenges will startups face and will the field be really easy for them? 

Come to the talkshow "REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY STARTUP - EASY AND DIFFICULT?" you will have the opportunity to meet, consult as well as answer questions by leading experts in this field:

Guest:  Mr. Nguyen The Duy - CEO Of Dones  (Startup attends Techfest 2021 - SmartCity Village & PropTech).

Moderator:  Ms. Bich Ngoc - Founder Sen Golden Group - Co-head of SmartCity & PropTech village.

In the 5th topic in the talk series from  SmartCity Village & PropTech TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021,you will listen to the interesting sharing of experts. The talkshow will revolve around the following:

- Startup for  real estate is easy or difficult?

- How to access capital and mobilize resources in the field of technology and real estate?

- What difficulties will startups have when accessing the real estate sector?

- The difficulty that Vietnamese startups face when competing with foreign startups?

11:00 - 12:00

CEO Talk: Digital Platform Strategies - Start to Grow!

  • Location : On Zoom


In order to provide knowledge of connected platforms to meet the new demands of the ongoing and powerful wave of digital transformation, the Platform and Infrastructure Village will organize webinar Digital Platform Strategies .

The Webinar is a part of the TECHFEST 2021 series, which is free to attend.

Sign up for the Webinar at: https://vticloud.io/news.../free-webinar-platform-strategy

Time: 10:00 - 12:00, Wednesday - 16 November 2021


Website: techfest.vn

Email: info@techfest.vn

Hotline: +84336138156 (Ms. Quynh Trang)

08:00 - 17:00

Bilingual Proceedings: Edtech Vietnam 2021 - 20|11|2021

Within the framework of the National Innovative Entrepreneurship Day TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021, besides the panoramic and multi-dimensional views of Edtech Vietnam, Edtech Village also aims to build a business alliance to support and create core value for the education technology ecosystem in Vietnam.

This is also the first time that the white book on Edtech Vietnam "Edtech Vietnam 2021: Looking back and forward" will be released together with the Criteria and Advisory Council to evaluate and rank the major segments in the educational technology market in Vietnam.

We will publish the proceedings in Vietnamese and English. We expect that the E-book will be published on November 20, 2021 and the paper version in December - accompanying the main events of the Education Technology Village. Both versions will be widely released to domestic units and international companion partners.

08:30 - 18:00

Final Round of the Future Solution Contest - Startup Board

  • Location : Online


At the end of the Semi-Final Round of the Future Solution Contest - Startup Board, the Organization Board and the Jury have selected the 32 best teams to continue to participate in the Final Round which will take place on November 27, 2021.


The Social Challenge and Innovation Village would like to introduce the Jury Board of this round

1. Dr. Pham Hong Quat - General Director at National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC)

2. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Linh - Executive Director of MSD/United Way Worldwide, Chair of Social Challenge and Innovation Village

3. Mr. Nakashoji Kazuhiro - Director of Dream Incubator in Vietnam

4. Ms. Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu - Co-founder and Executive Director of Touchstone Partners, Co-founder and Chairwoman of YOLA Education

5. Mr. Nguyen Minh Cuong - Chief Operation Officer at Hub Global, Product Owner at Trekkrs

6. Ms. Tran Van Anh - Program Director of MSD, representative of Shinhan Square Bridge Vietnam

7. Ms. Hooyung Young - Vice President of Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan United Way Worldwide, representative of Shinhan Square Bridge Vietnam

8. Dr. Nguyen Hoai Tuong - Technology expert, General Director at Titops, Researcher - Lecturer at Vietnam National University in Hanoi

9. Mr. Vu Tuan Cuong - Director of A4I Co., Ltd

10. Mr. Chinh Nguyen - Investment Associate at BEENEXT


Once again, we would like to congratulate the TOP 32 of the contest and we hope that the teams will do well in their final round of the contest.

09:00 - 17:00

Multilateral Trade Connection

  • Location : Online

The Multilateral Trade Connection program will be held on December 4, 2021, including 02 major activities: Edtech Startup pitching and Business Matching with the participation of Edtech startups, investment funds, and leading experts.

Ms. Lynn Hoang

13:00 - 17:00

Entertainment And Media Summit 2021: The Future Is Here

  • Speakers : Ms. Lynn Hoang, Tri Pham


Date & Time: 13:00 – 17:00 (VNT), 04 tháng 12 2021. 

Location: Virtual event (via Zoom Webinar and Facebook Livestream on Techfest Vietnam’s page).

Language: Vietnamese

Register and send questions for speakers here: https://bit.ly/EnMSummit 



Wrap up unprecedented stories about Entertainment and Media made-in-Vietnam unicorns in the year of 2021.

Foster in-depth conversations towards the future of E&M among local and worldwide leaders.

Connect international intellectuals and resources to accelerate the startup ecosystem in Vietnam.



Entrepreneurs, content creators who share interest in Entertainment & Media;

Investors, government representatives;

Press and media agencies.





Please register and send questions for speakers here: https://bit.ly/EnMSummit



Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc

The President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Mr. Vu Duc Dam

Deputy Prime Minister Vice President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Vietnam

Mr. Pham Hong Quat

General Director Nationalagency for technology entrepreneurship and commercialization development

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