Conference Challenges and difficulties in the Finance - Banking Industry

In the era of rapidly developing technology with a huge amount of data and information, the Finance - Banking industry is one of the pioneering industries in digital transformation to actively adapt to the context of the industrial revolution 4.0. create competitive advantages and sustainable development.

In fact, in Vietnam, digital transformation in the Finance - Banking industry is taking place very actively, "contactless" activities are becoming more popular and gradually becoming a habit in society. In particular, promoting digital transformation has helped financial and banking institutions to maintain stability in the face of complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring smooth transactions and meeting demand for customer diversity.

However, the rapid development of digitization also brings many difficulties and great challenges in ensuring information security for organizations, when the amount of data being pushed into the digital environment is increasing and increasing. value, this becomes a lucrative bait for hackers with extremely sophisticated and modern tricks and technology. The security of data in the financial - banking industry is becoming more important than ever.

Through the seminar, Cybersecurity Technology Village will:

Listen directly to the challenges and difficulties of the Finance - Banking industry.

Information security becomes the driving force to support Finance - Banking digital transformation.

Building and developing the Innovation Community.

Follow-up activities: mentoring, connecting investors,... to support the Innovation Community to turn Ideas into useful technology products.