Conference Mordenizing Payments - What's there for Fintech

Under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the payment technology industry in Vietnam has made great progress when the optimization in the transaction payment process is being promoted. To stay competitive, businesses will need to be equipped with tools and strategies to modernize the payment process smarter. By applying the foundational data architecture, especially the database, it is increasingly proving its powerful and flexible capabilities to help businesses optimize resources and grow quickly.

To assist businesses in analyzing opportunities, potentials and challenges when implementing the payment modernization process, providing solutions and learning from successful case studies. VTI Cloud and MongoDB as Platform & Infra Village (PIV) in collaboration with Dr. Luong Thai Bao, a representative from Fintech Village, organizes Webinar Modernizing Payments: What's there for FinTech?. The program is part of the TECHFEST VIET NAM National Innovative Startup Day series of activities 2021.


Payment Trends in Vietnam - Opportunities and Challenges

Modernizing payment infrastructure - Successful case study

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