Webinar Starting Technical Business

The Information Security industry is a potential environment for startup development, especially in Vietnam, when the information security needs are being paid much attention by the government and businesses and have a clear development orientation.

So what do experts think about the potential for development in the information security industry in Vietnam?

What difficulties and challenges do startups need to pay attention to?

Any advice for startups oriented to develop in the information security industry?

Webinar STARTING TECHNICAL BUSINESS will be a useful discussion, where units/startups in Vietnam have the opportunity to discuss startup issues in the information security industry with two leading speakers of the information security industry in the country and internationally.

Mr. HD Moore - CEO of Rumble company - Developer of Metasploit Framework - an environment used to test, attack and exploit errors of services, Metasploit Framework is popularly used in the Security world.

Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh (RedDragon) - Deputy General Director in charge of IT at VNG Group - Co.founder VNSECURITY - Member of the first international research team to announce the method of breaking the GSM A5 code within one minute in 2006.

Coordinator: Mr. Truong Duc Luong - CEO of Vietnam Cybersecurity Joint Stock Company VSEC - One of the leading experts with more than 12 years of experience in the IT field in Vietnam.