The First International Techfest Vietnam in the USA

The First International Techfest Vietnam in the USA

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam will not only initiate a series of events to connect investment for Vietnamese startups in many countries, but also work with key partners in the United States from September 6 (local time). The delegation will gather at Techfest Vietnam in the USA, takingplace on September 13th at Hero City (Silicon Valley), together with 200 Vietnamese expatriates, experts, investors and important representatives of the innovative startup ecosystem of the two countries.


In order to create an environment for Vietnamese startups to reach out to the world, connect with the international startup community and gain experience in building an innovative startup ecosystem, Techfest Vietnam 2019 - the national event for Vietnam’s startup community, overseen by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, will begin an intensive working program from September 6th with several important American partners in Boston and San Francisco.

The journey includes lots of visits to the most successful technology corporations in the world, including Amazon & Google. This is also a great chance for the delegation to observe and learn from the achievements in building and connecting the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

It is also noted that, during the events, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam is going to sign Memorandum of Understanding with new key partners in the USA, such as Ai20x (a prominent incubation center in US), Pegasus Tech Venture (the organizer of Startup World Cup), Stripe Inc (company that support startups explore the USA market), etc, in an effort to support the Vietnamese Startup ecosystem. In addition, other organizations in the fields of finance, business acceleration, ecosystem building, etc, taking part in the program are Tim Draper University’s Hero City, Republic, 500 Startups, Founder Institute, …, which promise to creates favourable opportunities for startup from Vietnam. 


Techfest Vietnam has been attended by hundreds of investors, guest speakers, international experts from 20 countries. (Cre: TF)


 After being supported by facilitated 1-1 investment networking with approximately 50 VCs and angel investors from the USA, startups will participate in Techfest Vietnam in the USA on September 13 at Hero City (55 East, 3rd Avenue, San Mateo). This is the first international Techfest Vietnamwithin the framework of “Initiative for Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam - ISEV” (National Program 844). The event expects to attract nearly 200 attendees, including Vietnamese expatriates, representative of Vietnam’s startup ecosystem and American investors and experts.

In addition to the pitching activity of startups in the event, one of the most important parts is the “Silicon Valley - Vietnam Ecosystem Connection” Panel, where representatives of the two countriesdiscuss about opportunities to connect and promote investment and develop startup ecosystems.

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Deputy Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam gave prize to Abivin at Techfest Vietnam 2018


Beside the participation of leaders of various departments of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, there are also 10 selected startups from Vietnam joining in the events, including Abivin - a startup which surpassed over 40 countries in the world to win the Startup World Cup 2019; startups from Top 10 Techfest Vietnam  (Ecomeasy Asia, Tubudd);... and startups  winning other big competitions across Vietnam (Smilee, Gostream, Go Amazing, etc).

Participating in the events are also other organizations of Vietnam’s innovative startup ecosystem such as business accelerators and investment organizations (ThinkZone Accelerator, Vietnam Startup Investment and Development Joint Stock Company Robot Vina); corporations (Proview Joint Stock Company, K-Group Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Trang An Investment Trading and Service Co., ...); universities (University of Economics and Law - Ho Chi Minh National University); …

To kick off the trip, the delegation will attend the East-West Connect Conference 2019 with the participation of nearly 100 experts and investors in the USA, including successful Vietnamese representatives such as Dr. Vu Duy Thuc - CEO of OhmniLabs in Silicon Valley, Hung Tran - Founder of GotIt!, Tuyen Do - Senior Managing Director of Teneo Capital.



National Final of Vietchallenge 2019 in Vietnam. (Cre: VTV)


Leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology will also attend Vietchallenge - an annual startup competition for Vietnamese entrepreneurs from all over the world (hosted by The Association of Vietnamese Students and Professionals in the United States of America) in Boston on September 7, showing the commitment in supporting Vietnamese students to practice entrepreneurship and nurture  a global mindset, which will allow for rich contribution back to Vietnam. The discussion with famous universities in the United States such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tufts, UMass, Stanford, etc; where many excellent Vietnamese students study; is an evidence of the government’ effort to connect the two countries’ intellectuals to bring forth new possibilities for connection and innovation. This is also an opportunity for Vietnam to learn from the experiences of supporting entrepreneurship at the world's largest academic and technological centers, thereby creating a driving force for the development of the ecosystem in the country.


Techfest Vietnam is the biggest annual national event for the innovative startup community Vietnam


In the next few months, Techfest Vietnam International 2019, representing the ambition of Techfest Vietnam in becoming a global event for startup to attract investment and collaborate with professionals from all over the world, will be held in other different countries which have leading startup ecosystems, such as Singapore and South Korea. The event is also an opportunity to gather overseas Vietnamese community, thereby providing opportunities for them to connect and support not only Vietnamese innovative startup community but also Vietnam as a whole.


Techfest Vietnam in the USA will take place in the first week of December, tentatively in Quang Ninh, Vietnam. The big event will include a series of important programs such as 200 exhibition booths from major areas important for startups such as Finances, Technology, Markets, Human Resources, Support Services, etc and one-to-one investment matching with more than 200 domestic and international investors. In addition, seminars and forums with nearly 6000 attendees will also be held with featured technology demonstration and the Innovative Technoprenuer Contest.


TECHFEST VIETNAM is the biggest annual event for the innovative startup community in Vietnam, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology under the framework of the “Initiative for startup ecosystem in Vietnam - ISEV” (National Program 844)


Information of Techfest Vietnam in the USA:

Time: 14:30 - 20:00, 13/09/2019

Location: Hero City (55 East, 3rd Avenue, San Mateo)




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Hotline: (+84) +84 24 3556 0621