Mr. Aik Lim Low

Mr. Aik Lim Low

Director, International Relations CIO Academy Asia 

- Business development x International relations x Marketing roles. Aik Lim Low has 15+ years of leadership experiences in both government and industry, having led an infocomm SME in reshaping its growth and strategy; and many years in government developing developmental strategies and international relations. Exceptional network of high-level contacts in the infocomm industry, SME and government sectors.

- He is a strong and inspirational leader with proven track record in industry development in both the public and private sectors. He is also a relentless networker and strong negotiator with keen ability to identify business development and strategic marketing opportunities, coupled with the skill to establish connection and network to forge multi-party win-win partnerships and alliances.

- He have the effective presentation and communication skills including several keynote presentations at major industry events as well as to significant senior decision makers.

- His successful record of achieving results include reshaping of SME in order to be competitive; investments into Singapore; revenue increase for local companies, job creation for Singaporeans; strategic partnerships between companies.