Mr. Dam Quang Thang

Mr. Dam Quang Thang

Chairman of Hanoi Agri-Chemicals Association (Hacas) - CEO of Agricare Vietnam

Mr. Thang has spent many years working hard both domestically and abroad before gaining such success today.Having experienced many failures, difficulty understanding and being one of the first to lay a foundation for starting a business in Vietnam, Mr.Thang has been actively involved in helping startup businesses.
Some of the positions he holds:

- CEO of Agricare Vietnam

- Senior Advisor for the National Startup Committee

- National Debate Commission

- Vice Chairman of Hanoi CEO

In order to gain many success as today, Mr.Thang had a lot of hard years, practical training in the domestic market and abroad. After graduating, with a keen mind with solid knowledge, Mr. Thang had work as Technical and Product Development Director of a large Japanese company.