Mr. Do Nguyen Hung

Mr. Do Nguyen Hung

Chairman of the BOD - Industrial Training and Supply Company (InHTC) & Master of Science - Hanoi University of Science and Technology

With over 18 years of experience in education, training and industrial automation, Mr. Do Nguyen Hung is currently the Deputy Director of the Center for Business Cooperation, Hanoi University of Industry.

President - Industrial Resource Training and Supply Co., Ltd (InHTC)

        Experience in education - training

- Deputy Head of Training Department - Hanoi University of Industry (2008-2018) organizes the implementation of the following contents:

- Building and managing higher education and vocational education programs;

- Implement training activities for all levels of training;

- Building and deploying the application of information technology in training management and administration;

- Establishing and operating credit-based training activities for university level;

- Management of joint training programs in the country and internationally;

- Teaching Automation at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering;

- Deputy Head of Project Implementation Team for Technical Human Resource Development at Hanoi University of Industry in the period of 2010-2012, Jica - Japanese Government;

- Head of Output 2 of the capacity building project for technical vocational teachers at Hanoi University of Industry in the period 2013-2016, Jica - Japanese Government;

- Experts, lecturers of the teacher training program on Training Management under PDCA;

- Specialist design training programs according to the capacity for job placement - CUDBAS.

       Experience in corporate cooperation

- Professionals connecting schools and businesses, Project for developing technical human resources at Hanoi University of Industry, Jica - Japanese Government;

- Construction and establishment of business cooperation centre - Hanoi University of Industry;

- Organizing and implementing internship programs combining production at enterprises for about 8000 students / year; promote the cooperation of lecturers with businesses;

- Receive packages of equipment, scholarships, ... from businesses to the school;

- Management and organization of career counseling programs, training to strengthen complementary skills, soft skills for students;

- In charge of innovative start-up activities for students at Hanoi University of Technology;

- Founding member of InHTC Co.Ltd, an enterprise providing resources for industry.