Mr. Han Ngoc Tuan Linh

Mr. Han Ngoc Tuan Linh

Co-Founder - Managing Director: Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator Joint Stock Company (

- Mr. Linh Han is the co-founder and leader of VSV Accelerator - an investment, support and mentoring company for more than 50 startups in Vietnam since 2014. VSV Accelerator is the first company in Viet Nam with starting a business with portfolios like, TechElite, ... VSV's portfolio has increased 4.5 times in value since its inception.

- Mr. Linh has a background in Business Administration and Economics and has been a Project Coordinator in Silicon Valley (VSV) since June 2013. VSV is the first initiative of the Government of Viet Nam. Aimed at and supporting start-up investors and venture capitalists in Viet Nam. With initial success, the VSV project was extended by the Prime Minister until 2020. He received a Bachelor of Business and Economics degree from Kent University, UK.

- To date, Mr. Linh has 8 years of professional working experience, of which 4 years is operating his own business, ATV-Viet Nam. Since 2013, he started the cooperation between ATV-Viet Nam and NATEC (Market and Technology Development Department of Viet Nam Science and Technology Enterprise) in Vietnam Silicon Valley project and as Executive Coordinator. As the Viet Nam Silicon Valley Project Coordinator, Mr. Linh is deeply involved in the development of project orientations and is responsible for developing these directions into specific action plans. After nearly 2 years of launching, the project is receiving very positive feedback from the domestic startup ecosystem as well as other countries in the world. At the end of 2013, VSV Accelerator cooperated with to co-organize the first NEXT Startup training program in Viet Nam.