Mr. Tran Anh Vuong

Mr. Tran Anh Vuong

Chairman of KING Invest

- Mr Trần Anh Vương graduated with Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Business Administration from the National Economics University - Hanoi


- He has been involved with businesses since the 1990s in various areas such as import & export goods, manufacturing, agriculture, and financial investment. Mr. Vuong is not only an entrepreneur who is interested in developing the younger generation and also has positively contributed to the community with activities.


- Moreover, he is currently the Vice Chairman of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association. Participating in the development direction of many different businesses as a leader and a guider


- Mr Vuong was the one who brought Shark Tank to Vietnam and took the hot seat from the first season, he gave a lot of useful knowledge and financial advices for the startups, and left a very good impression among the startup community. Furthermore, on today’s topic, his perspectives on entrepreneurship, success and failure are summarized in the saying from the first season of Shark Tank Vietnam, “There will be no successful startup, without starting a business”