Mr. Yaakov Netanyahu

Mr. Yaakov Netanyahu

Head of Harish Municipality, Israel

2015-2018 – General Manager, Harish municipality
I have the great privilege to build a new city from scratch. This is a one in a lifetime experience. We build a new municipality, new methodologies, and new technologies.
07/2014 - 03/2015 - Chief of Staff for The Minister of Communication and Minster of the Interior
I brought to fruition my administrative experience in implementing workflows and organizing staff and the advisors of the Minister's office. I gathered experience working with government officials, Israeli Government interfaces, and worked with the professional staff of the Ministries of Communication and the Interior.
- 2014: 06/ – 1201 IT, Orangeof Independent consultant in project management
• Translation of business needs for project technological goals, examining technologies available in the market place, and led teams to meet goals defined by the company.
• Significant improvement in the functioning of the business: customer service (reducing waiting time for a systems representative, One-stop-shop customer service systems, and improving work processes). Within this framework, we improved the system's response time by 25%, the representative's response time increased significantly, leading to large financial savings for the company.

2002 - 2010- “Orange, Partner Communications”- positions held:
2008 - 2010- Director of Projects Department, Internet & Linear Communication:
• Management staff member to establish this division, in the framework of the transition of Partner from a cellular company to a communications company. Worked in direct interface with the company’s management, initiated research and convinced the management to implement money-saving systems (ROI), bringing added value to the company.
• Winner of "Project of the Year" for 2009, on behalf of the organization department of the PMI Israel for department performance.

2006 – 2007- Head of developing project infrastructure, Information Technology:
• Developed and implemented the methodology of project management in the field of infrastructure in order to improve and promote internal service to all technological divisions in the company, and ultimately to give value to the customer and the business.
• Decreased the spending of the infrastructure by hundreds of thousands of dollars by negotiating with suppliers, with innovative thinking in the field of license management, and continuous learning about international current trends in this field.
In 2019, Mr. Yaakov Netanyahu participated in National Innovative Entrepreneurship day - Techfest 2019 with the V-startup organization as a co-operator in Industry 4.0 Village.