Ms. Le Thu Huong

Ms. Le Thu Huong

Ph.D - Academy of Science and Technology MBA - University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU Hanoi (Majored in Tourism)

With over 20 years of experience in research, management and teaching in the field of travel and hospitality.

Experiences already implemented:

1. Regarding the field of research: there are many scientific studies related to the development of tourism economy; Community tourism and sustainable tourism development.

2. Regarding the management field: there are many ideas for developing units and making many contributions in building management processes; coordinate between training establishments and enterprises to increase the efficiency in their professional work.

3.Regarding the field of training: over 15 years of teaching at the university level; short-term training and refresher courses on state management of tourism for many Departments of Tourism throughout the country. Experienced in consulting, mentoring, business and implementation of tourism projects.