The next stage of urbanization is smart city where urban problems are solved by technology that creates a more convenient and humane living environment.


A sustainable smart city is an innovative city that uses information technology - communication and other means in an effort improve the quality of life, operation efficiency of urban services and competitiveness while ensuring the needs of current and future generations in terms of economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects.


More specifically, according to Frost & Sullivan, the smart city is a place to implement a comprehensive, unified development strategy based on 5 to 8 smart technologies and solutions: talented citizens, smart energy, smart health care, smart buildings, smart mobility, smart infrastructure, intelligent technology and administration of government and intelligent education. This is an opportunity and a challenge for the startup community when researching and developing solutions that meet the above requirements.

That is the reason why Smart city will appeared in Techfest 2019. This is a place for parties exchange their ideas to improve the quality of smart cities in the future.