A 'Green - Smart - Modern' city with digital transformation as the foundation for development, innovation is an inevitable trend and priority of the country in the process of integrating into the digital era. SmartCity & Proptech Village within the framework of Techfest 2021 project will be a place to support and spread community values, an incubator and support startups in smart cities and real estate technology according to the criteria "Green - Smart - Modern"


Ms. Le Minh

Co-head of Smart City & Protech Village TECHFEST 2021, Head of Community, Adtima, Zalo Group (Former Head of Pr, Propzy) Show more

Mr. Trinh Cong Duy

Co-head of Smart City & Protech Village TECHFEST 2021 Show more

Ms. Nguyen Bich Ngoc

Co-head of Smart City & Protech Village TECHFEST 2021, CEO & Founder of Sen Vang Group Show more

Mr. Nguyen The Duy

Co-head of Smart City & Protech Village TECHFEST 2021 Show more

Mr. Pham Minh Toan

Co-head of Smart City & Protech Village TECHFEST 2021 Show more

Event Schedule

Event Schedule

20:30 - 22:00

Mentor Talkseries

When it comes to digital transformation, Smart Home and Smart City are indispensable components. Currently, the construction of smart cities has become an inevitable trend of cities around the world. In Vietnam, smart city development is an important way to effectively take advantage of the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and move towards sustainable development. Based on the Government's policy of building smart cities, many localities in Vietnam have embarked on the construction and approval of projects and orientations for smart city development, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, etc. Da Nang, Binh Duong, Hai Phong… Up to now, there are about 30 localities nationwide that have approved and implemented projects and projects on smart city development.

Coming to the topic in the talk series from SmartCity Village & PropTech TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021, you will have the opportunity to meet, listen to the sharing and advice from leading experts in the field:

- Dr. Trinh Cong Duy: Director of SDC – UDN, Senior Advisor of Vicoland Group, Co-Head of SmartCity & PropTech Village.

- Ms. Trinh Tu Anh: Director of Institute of Smart Cities and Management (ISCM) University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Senior Advisor of SmartCity & PropTech Village.

- Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc: Founding member of RealCom, CEO & Founder of Sen Vang Group, Co-Head of SmartCity & PropTech Village.

The Village's talkseries will bring you a lot of useful knowledge, and the beginning of this series of events will have the following main contents:

The approach to building and developing a smart city is suitable for the Vietnamese context.

Mentor's comments and the "smart city reminds people of modern technology" view Some examples of the success/failure of applying technology.

Outstanding technologies and how to apply it to solve urban problems in cities of developing countries like Vietnam.

The technologies that Mentors have been applying in projects and research to develop the smart city.