Innovative start-up (creative innovation) has pervaded Vietnam society and economy with the participation of ministries/ departments/ sectors, especially the young generations. Community-oriented start-up is an indispensable trend because the nature of startup innovation is to serve the community and to create added values ​​for society and the country.


The Social Impact Technology Village gathering  innovative start-ups taking advantages of local recourses effectively, creating positive impacts on the environment and community, having abilities to creating jobs for disadvantaged groups; including women, ethnic minorities, disabled people, the elderly, unemployed or low-income workers nationwide. 


This might help people with difficult circumstances to be motivated to contribute to society and they can feel their life are more meaningful.


Ms. Nguyen Nhu Quynh

- Ms. Quynh is currently in charge of activities to promote innovation to find solutions to environmental and social challenges, promote the development of inclusive businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and social impact businesses in Vietnam.   - She is also in charge of empowering activi... Show more

Mr. Tu Minh Hieu

Representative of National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development Show more