Innovation in education is not just about technology, it's about how you use technology to empower students to become lifelong learners – 'agent' " of change!" As the place to nurture the future workforce of society, universities play a nuclear role - linking components in the ecosystem to promote the process of nurturing creative workforce to solve problems of social urgency. Vietnam is witnessing a boom in the startup movement among students in recent years and it is a result of the incubation process of nurturing start-up projects since they were still at the idea level. In order for students' creative ideas to turn into a positive influence in society, it is indispensable for the close cooperation between the university and components in the ecosystem including the state, businesses or organizations. domestically and internationally.

The Student and Youth Startup Village with the slogan "Innovation for Positive Change - Innovate for Change" - was born with the mission of affirming and promoting the core role of the university and most importantly, the cooperation among components in the ecosystem to nurture creative labor resources for the country who will promote positive change in society. The startup student village is the convergence of outstanding national student startup projects, the Ministry of Education and Training, typical universities in the student entrepreneurship movement, international organizations, businesses, etc. in Vietnam…to together create breakthroughs! Join the Student and Youth Startup Village to nurture creative resources - the "agent" of Creativity - Create Breakthrough!






Mr. Do Manh Hung

Mr. Do Manh Hung - Founder & CEO Nova Edu is an entrepreneur with extensive experience developing and running enterprises such as Nova Group, Nova Edu, Edusgroup, Bachkhoa Edukids; Co-founder of MasterLife Tam Thai Academy ... Show more

Mr Dang Thanh Dat

Co-head of Student and Youth Startup Village TECHFEST 2021 Show more

Mr. Pham Xuan Khanh

Co-head of Student and Youth Village 2021 Show more

Ms. Jen Vuhuong

Co-header of Student and Youth Village Techfest 2020 Show more

Mr. Dinh Khac Tuan

Co-head of Student and Youth Startup Village TECHFEST 2021 Show more

Mr. Nguyen Van

Mr. Nguyen Van - Co-chief of the student and youth of Techfest 2021, presently on the job, taking part in the work at: - Hanoi People's Committee Law PBGD Council Member - Hanoi Association of Enterprise Support Industry Permanent Vice Chairman (Hansiba). - Board of Directors Member - N... Show more