AGRITECH – AGRIculture and TECHnology – is the combination of agriculture and high technology application. With the advantages of agriculture as Vietnam, Agritech has promised an explosion and revolution of start-ups, the development of Industry technology 4.0 – INTELLIGENT AGRICULTURE will soon become a potential tendency for Start-ups.

Knowing the scarceness of informations as well as the high risk that the agri-startups will have to face to, Agritech Village at TechFest 2017 promises to bring the biggest connected space you have never seen in Vietnam to the intelligent agri-startup. With purposes:

  1. Attract the investors involving in the Agri-Startups.
  2. Research and implement high technology applications in agriculture.
  3. Reduce the risk and failure rate for Agri-Startups.
  4. Connecting community and sharing experiences to AgriTech startup enterprises in particular and to Vietnam starup community in general.

Agritech Village has invited 2 foreign experts who called successfully in AgriTech, they come to talk about their failure situations, difficulties, experiences to redusce the risk of startup which is full of potentials but still too young in our country. Besides the investment connection and talkshows, the guests will have a chance to visit and enjoy the agriculture products which are produced on the basis of modern technology, along with the featured performances of Frontier Tech’s intensive combination in agriculture (IOT, AI, VR).

Contact info of AgriTech village:

Tel: +84 1647 312 506