Frontier & Fin Technology is a field of technology which clearly distinguishes the development from conventional technology. For instant, the emerging technology includes educational technology, information technology, biotechnology, automation technology and artificial intelligence. Frontier & Fin Technology holds a central position in the context of technology as well as global startups, and Vietnam doesn’t stand outside this trend. With technological strength in regional markets and human resources including talented computer-science engineers, Vietnam is considered as a potential nation for the development of startup businesses in the field of Frontier & Fin technology. With multi-field application allowing manufacturers to create next platform generation, which provides more true and emotional experience, Frontier & Fin Technology promises to change the way users access information in the near future, thereby, opens up new opportunities in education, health services, tourism and entertainment. Frontier & Fin Technology may refer to a number of prominent technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Block chain, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

Frontier & Fin Technology Village will support other technology villages in connecting startup ecosystem with the application of Frontier & Fin technology before and during the event. Pre-event activites may include Hi-Tech Konec and Innovative Technotrepreneur Contest.

In TECHFEST 2017, Frontier & Fin Technology Village will seek potential speakers and investors to discuss about startups; application of Frontier & Fin Tech in diferent fields, including Agritech, Edtech, Tourism and F&B, Edtech. Frontier and Fin Tech TechVillage also has a role in finding potential startup business to exhibit their products and services.



Techfest 2017 run through all 2 days from 14 - 15 Nov 2017.